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Battlefield 3 Sniping Tips for Beginners

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    can I suggest 1 more being patience as if you rush a shot you are less likely to hit them, so take your time as they may give you an amazing position to shoot from.

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    I would recommend not aiming down the sights until you've spotted someone, especially using a 7x/8x/12x scope. This is because 1) your line of sight is severely limited, and also 2) these scopes flare, alerting the enemy to your position. I have used all the rifles, and have them all to Service Star 1-10, and I would say use the bolt action rifles once you're confident with your aim. I use M98B for long range (23hrs, 1000+ kills, 40+% accuracy, 652m longest headshot) because it has the least bullet drop at range. Closer range, it's the SKS all the way, with a suppressor, foregrip and HOLO sight.

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    When using bolt action rifles and before you unlock the straight pull bolt, if you get that ever so annoying hitmarker without a kill quickly switch to your sidearm and throw some lead at them. This will net you many kills. Which leads to my next point, be good with your secondary.... seriously. The 3 round burst fire machine pistol that you unlock via co-op mode is really good if you can't get the hang of other pistols. Zoom in and out frequently, I like to zoom in on "hot spots" then zoom out and scan the field. Know the maps (this is obvious but most important). Use T-UGS when sniping from a defendable position and MAV when you feel more exposed. Take it into the air regularly to scout your immediate surroundings AND possible pick your next target. 4x zoom is pretty amazing for tighter maps such as metro, it doesnt sway, doesn't zoom in so much that you can't line up shots and leaves an open field of vision. Don't be useless and camp an unnactive spot for the entire game just to get 3 headshots. Your team still needs you. If you're not feeling effective then change what you are doing. Patience is good, to an extent. Take random useless shots and watch the bullet travel until you get a feel for bullet drop relative to range. Better to learn it quickly and get it out of the way then miss a bunch of what should be easy shots. Oh and get used to spot spot spotting. I sooooo wish I could set the spot button to R2 and knife to select (ps3) as spotting while aiming can be a bit awkward but keep trying and you get used to it.

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    I'm glad i decided to make the switch from mw3 to bf3. I can't tell you how frustrating it is in mw3 to try and snipe only to have everyone on the opposite team seem to know exactly where you are at, despite running dead silence and assassin to keep from being found. like i read in another forum discussion. the only weapons worth using in mw3 are the smg's and assault rifles and that's the reason i hate mw3 so much!!! bf3 it just seems is more sniper friendly, even though i do better with the other three classes as apposed to the recon class. I just wish i could read the scope marks a bit better.

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    well, i had a pretty good gameplay last night, using the recon class. i had my mav going like nobody's business, radio becon was dropped when i made it to closer to the targets, but i've found i'm not a long range sniper. i did way better running around with rifles like the sks and mk11 mod 0. Any time i tried to run the sv98 or my recently unlocked m40a4 or whatever it is called, i failed to accurately hit my targets at the longer ranges, although i found the 8x scope a lot easier to run on the m40a? over the sv98's 7x scope or 12x scope.

    So in retrospect, i think from now on i'll be running more recon as more of a designated markman instead of an extremely long range sniper. I just don't have the skills for the longshot!!

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    i think sniping is boring but they are verry overpowerd

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    i run around with a low power scope

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    How can you tell how far a enemy is so you can adjust your shot?

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    Great tips , for a noob that is having a hard time understanding bullet drop . Do you have tip threads for other classes . I need a lot of help

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