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Battlefield 3 Sniping Tips for Beginners

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    Im the same way Neg. I just ran around with my SKS using it like a shotgun til I unlocked all the stuff I wanted for it....

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    Ah i would have to say most of the best gadgets for your team and for yourself will be in the recon class. But then again i dont really use any of the other classes so i dont no to much about what gadgets are in them

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    I have a question maybe someone can answer. I've had quiet a few people shooting me with the MAV!!! How can they do that? I have one and mine won't shoot! Are they using some kind of cheat? If so....I despise those kind of people! They're ruining the game for everyone else!! And for any doubters, it's happened to me several times! When one starts flying around over out! I look up trying to shoot it and it opens fire on me with a machine gun!!!!!

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    Thanks for all the tips. I'm a "sniper" by nature and they really help.

    One question......I just unlocked my first bolt action rifle with the v shaped crosshairs inside the scope. It is slooooooooooooooooooooow as molasses but has very good range, my question I need to keep using "this" exact rifle, or can I go back to the one that you have right before you open the first bolt action sniper rifle ???

    Even head shots with the first bolt action doesn't seem to put them down. That coupled with the fact that you have to take the scope away from your face to work the bolt......causes a lot of "wounded" enemies running around. advance


    P.S. SwampRat62, those MAV's have been doing the same thing to me. They are like horse flies buzzing around and then they "bite" with lead teeth.
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    The sniper class is the last class I have to work on, as, for me, it is difficult to get many points (I'm just about halfway through it, though).
    You can use whatever gun you want, for whatever class. I have unlocked tons of guns which I have never even used, preferring instead to stick with what has worked for me. Plus, by that point you would've unlocked many or all of the upgrades for your "Favorite" gun, so moving on to something else can be a step backwards. That said, it is also fun to unlock stuff, so....
    I've never seen a MAV shoot, though, they usually just ram me.

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    Great sniping tips! But what about moving locations every time You shoot someone and they comeback for revenge?

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    As a matter of fact MAV's can't shoot it can only stalk you and help your teamates.

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    Another thing about positioning is dont sit right up the middle of the map, thats the first place everyone looks (thats and up high) find a conceled position on the flank of the map, when you have killed 2-3 people move about 50 metres from your previous position as they will look at your pervious position and you will still be able to kill him. Another tip about staying hidden is timing your shots, don't just fire everywhere (unless using semi-automatic) wait until you know you can kill him one shot or you know you can get 2-3 shots before they find cover. This will mean they don't have a chance to find you

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    about the MAV... they cannot shoot, but up until this last patch (which still hasn't been added to xbox) they can ram into you and kill you. This can be extremely cheap and annoying, especially when you don't have an automatic weapon to take them out. luckily after the patch they can they can still ram and kill you, but it destroys the MAV at the same time.

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    you can go back to the first sniper if you'd like. Until you get really comfortable with your shot it might be a good idea, I just don't like the range of the first snipers.

    with the bolt action, you HAVE to hit them in the head because you might not get another shot. If you hit them square in the head from any range, it will kill them with one shot. I love sniping because hitting those headshots is IMMENSELY satisfying. Also don't try to sit at the back of the map and snipe because you'll never be able to hit those long shots and people will be expecting you to snipe from there, you want to push up with your team and find a good hiding spot, further up than the other team is expecting.

    last tip: when you find an enemy through your scope and spot them, its often a good idea to track them until they stop moving, either because they are shooting or because they think they found cover. Remember in this game you are always shooting for the head and its incredibly hard to hit someone in the head when they are moving. Wait for the enemy to stand still and then take your shot, unless you have no choice.

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