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Battlefield 3: Old Karkand vs Back to Karkand

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    Battlefield 3: Old Karkand vs Back to Karkand

    We've taken some exclusive high resolution screenshots which show you accurately the differences between old Karkand and the upcoming Back to Karkand. Check them out below:

    Old Karkand vs Back to Karkand

    Name:  kark-old1.jpg
Views: 4136
Size:  85.9 KB Name:  kark-new1.jpg
Views: 6322
Size:  97.3 KB

    Name:  kark-old2.jpg
Views: 3195
Size:  82.1 KB Name:  kark-new2.jpg
Views: 6152
Size:  96.6 KB

    Name:  kark-old3.jpg
Views: 3002
Size:  82.8 KB Name:  kark-new3.jpg
Views: 7052
Size:  94.9 KB

    Old Karkand vs Back to Karkand (Top And Bottom)

    Name:  old-new1.jpg
Views: 13894
Size:  88.4 KB Name:  old-new2.jpg
Views: 5735
Size:  86.5 KB Name:  old-new3.jpg
Views: 6976
Size:  86.9 KB
    Last edited by Morgan; 05-27-2011 at 01:58 PM. Reason: Added Top and Bottom comparison

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    Certainly a huge improvement.

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    Yay, no more sepia world!

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    Excellent! They got rid of the sand storm! :P

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    Awe, I am going to miss the heavy dust effect, it helped combat against loads of snipers and distance campers. xD

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    Love it!

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    fun fun and fun,

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    Ahh u cant tell any difference between them LOL

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    Of course you can lol, look closely.

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